Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Defining Expert Care

Specific treatment providing you with a comfortable lifestyle.

Specific life-changing events may alter the course of daily life, but do not need to change every aspect of comfortable living. The goal of CovenantCare at Home’s Specialty Programs is to provide support, whatever you or your loved-one’s needs may be, and minimize the loss experienced in certain areas of life.

Reflections Service for Memory Support
After being diagnosed by a physician, clients who have a memory deficit may consider Reflections Service for Memory Support. Memory loss creates anxiety and frustration. Reflections Service therapists help restore joy in everyday living – for customers and their families. The goal of this care option is to help your loved one overcome memory obstacles, enjoy life, and experience personal growth. We share special tips and enriching memory exercises with the customer’s family so that relationships continue to be rewarding. It is a care approach that supports the whole person emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Vestibular Service
Clients who have a vestibular deficit diagnosed by a physician may choose this service option. Customers will benefit from this option if they experience: dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium/ unsteadiness, gait difficulty, ringing ears, and/or hearing loss. The goal of this service option is to improve balance, decrease dizziness, improve overall fitness, and minimize falls by restoring normal vestibular function and postural control. 

CHF Telehealth Service*
To further improve clients’ accessibility to health care providers and specialists, CovenantCare At Home offers CHF Telehealth Services. This unique service links patients from their homes to their doctors and/or specialists via skilled in-home nursing. Clients receive daily in-home intervention, depending on their health status. The goal of this care option is to keep heart-failure patients from being re-hospitalized.