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Receive support where you need it.

Home Health Services: Support Where You Need It

CHF Telehealth Services link patients from their homes to their doctors and/or specialists via skilled in-home nursing. Clients receive daily in-home intervention, depending on their health status.

CHF Telehealth Services provide improvement for clients coping with past heart failure incidents. Care includes:

Skilled Nurse Interventions such as:

  • Administer in-home IV or IM Lasix according to your doctor’s prescribed parameters
  • Monitor Out-put
  • Lab values collected in the home
  • Medication adjustments according to your doctor

Patient Specific Education:

  • Personal, at-home care
  • Nutrition and dietary management
  • Medication management

Patient Outreach and Physician Communication:

  • Daily contact with your doctor for as long as needed upon discharge instructions
  • Phone and/or in-person visit by a nurse
  • Regular clinical updates prepared by caregivers for the doctor’s review

CovenantCare at Home therapists are specifically trained in CHF Telehealth Services. Educating our patients and their families regarding treatment and expectations is an integral part of the program.

*Currently available at CovenantCare in California. Check with our other branch locations for CHF Telehealth availability.